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 IFS Annual Conference and AGM 2023

The annual conference and AGM of the Irish Fungal Society will take place in Dublin City University on June 22nd 2023.

We have a number of very interesting speakers who will be presenting at the meeting and at this point we would like to ask members to submit abstracts if they would like to be considered for a poster or an oral presentation. We are happy to receive abstracts on any area of fungal biology.

Details of the meeting are available here.

News and Tweets

Gilead UK and Ireland 2023 invasive fungal disease fellowship program 

The Gilead UK and Ireland 2023 invasive fungal disease fellowship program is now open. Application deadline is Saturday May 20th 2023. Details of the scheme can be found here.

The Gilead Fellowship and Medical Grants Programme supports local innovation and best practices in caring for people living with:

  • HIV
  • Cancer
  • Invasive fungal disease
  • Viral hepatitis

Since 2008, the programme has supported over 300 projects, leaving an important legacy in these areas. Applications are invited from healthcare and third sector organisations who are seeking funding for a project that aligns with the goals of the programme.



IFS Online 2022

The annual conference and AGM of the Irish Fungal Society took place online on June 22nd 2022.

Speakers included:

Dr. Aleeza Gerstein 'The evolution of antifungal/stress resistance in Candida spp.'

Dr Helen Grogan ‘Tackling mushroom disease control in an environmentally conscious world’

Prof. Nancy Keller 'Ecologically relevant secondary metabolites in fungal-bacterial communication'

Prof Martin Hoenigl ‘Covid associated fungal infections’

Dr. Jorge Amich‘Antifungal persistence in Aspergillus fumigatus"

Dr Tihana Bicanic ‘Aspergillosis in patients with severe influenza (AspiFlu)’


IFS Online 2021

The annual conference and AGM of the Irish Fungal Society took place online, on June 22nd 2021.

Speakers included:

Prof Liz Johnston: ‘Impact of increasing antifungal drug resistance on diagnostic and treatment strategies'.

Prof. Carol Munroe: ‘Targeting the fungal cell wall’

Prof. Fiona Doohan: ‘Molecular dissection of interactions between phytopathogenic fungi and barley’

Prof. Malcolm Richardson: ‘Pulmonary aspergillosis: community or hospital acquired?’




Irish Fungal Society 2019 meeting:

The 2019 meeting of the Irish Fungal Society took place on April 11th 2019 at the Belfast Waterfront.

The event took place as part of the 2019 Microbiology Society conference, which ran from Monday 8th to Thursday 11th April.



Eoin O’Connor wins the Journal of Fungi Prize:

Congratulations to Eoin O’Connor who won the Journal of Fungi prize for the best oral presentation at the Irish Fungal Society Annual Meeting. Eoin’s PhD is involves researchers from Maynooth University, Teagasc and Swansea University and is entitled “Visualisation of MVX RNA in the mycelium of Agaricus bisposus by fluorescence in situ hybridization”.

Post-influenzal triazole-resistant aspergillosis:

IFS members have recently published a study highlighting the risk of azole-resistant pulmonary aspergillosis following influenza. The findings have been published in Mycoses:

The findings have been published in Mycoses: https://doi.org/10.1111/myc.12770.

Journal of Fungi to sponsor prize at IFS2018:

The Journal of Fungi have generously offered to sponsor a prize for the best student or postdoc presentation at IFS 2018. There will be a prize of CHF200 for the best oral presentation.

Please send your abstracts to irishfungalsoc@gmail.com to enter.


The Journal of Fungi is a PubMed indexed open access journal.

The journal publishes all aspects of fungal research in a quarterly mode http://www.mdpi.com/journal/jof.


The Irish Fungal Society has been granted Charitable Status:

IFS has been granted Charitable status by the Irish Charities regulator, and the details of the Society are now publicly viewable on the Charities regulator website: https://charitiesregister.ie/.

Our Registered Charity Number (RCN) is 20154295.


IFS Ken Haynes Travel award - 2024


The 2023 deadline (January 31st 2023) has passed. To apply for the 2024 IFS Ken Haynes Travel Award, the application details are here.

Are you a student/post-doc/researcher/ECR planning to attend a summer conference? The Ken Haynes award can not only help cover the travel/accommodation costs, but if awarded, bolsters your academic CV.

At the Irish Fungal Society 2018 AGM, the members agreed to establish a new travel award that was to be named in memory of Prof. Ken Haynes, who sadly passed away in March 2018.

The award will support early career researchers to attend an international meeting. The
value of the award will be up to €500 to support expenses incurred (e.g. registration and
travel) to attend such meeting. Up to two awards will be made per annum, depending on
the society’s finances.

Applicants must pass the following criteria:
• Must be a Post-doc or PhD student engaged in mycological research
• Have attended at least one IFS meeting
• Priority will be given to those who have presented or contributed to a previous IFS
• Have an abstract accepted for presentation in the said meeting (applications can be
made with acceptance still pending).

To apply, the applicant must:
• Provide the names and dates of the meeting to be attended.
• Submit the abstract to be presented at the meeting.
• Submit a short statement about the importance of the meeting to their career.
• The above should be submitted to the IFS secretary Alida Talento
• Deadline 31st January for meetings scheduled for that particular year ie 31st January
2020 for meetings scheduled for 2020.

Applicants will be asked to submit a short meeting report for publication on the IFS website
after the meeting as well as proof of payments (invoice or receipts).