Irish Fungal Society Annual Conference 2018

Day 1

9.20-9.30: Welcome Address

Session 1 Fungi in Biotechnology
Chair: Catherine Collins

9.30-10.00: Darragh Gaffney Monaghan Biosciences
Monaghan Mushrooms & Fungal Biotech: Using R&D to create a circular bioeconomy business

10.00-10.30: Ulrich Kück Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Molecular genetics of the fungal beta lactam producers Acremonium chrysogenum and Penicillium chrysogenum

10.30-10.45: Betim KarahodaMaynooth University
H3K4 Demethylase KdmB Bridges Cohesin Acetylation to Histone Deacetylase-ring finger Complex for the Fungal Light Responses and Secondary Metabolism

10:45-11:00: Martin O’DonoghueTeagasc, Ashtown
The genetic regulation of mushroom production and its relevance to fungal plant decomposition and carbon sequestration

11.00-11.30: Tea/Coffee

11.30-12.00: Ozgur BayramMaynooth University
Building up scaffolds: control of signal influx into development and secondary metabolism

12.00-12.15: Eoin O’ConnorMaynooth Univ & Teagasc
Visualisation of MVX RNA in the mycelium of Agaricus bisporus by fluorescence in situ hybridisation

12.15-12.30: Keith DunneSligo IT & Teagasc
Genetic regulation of compost and plant matter degradation mechanisms in Agaricus bisporus

12.30-13.30: Lunch

Session 2 Managing Antifungals for the future
Chair: TBC

13.30-13.45: Gilead Fellowship Talk: Alida Talento
St James’s Hospital Antifungal stewardship in critical care: implementing a diagnostics driven approach in the management of invasive candidiasis

13.45-14.00: Gilead Fellowship Talk: Adilia Warris
University of Aberdeen Paediatric Antifungal Stewardship: optimising antifungal prescription in children (PASOAP)

14:00-14:30: Stephen KildeaTeagasc
Is fungicide resistance an inevitable consequence of crop protection?

14.30-14.45: Hilda DooleyTeagasc Oak Park
Can applications of foliar micronutrients help to manage septoria tritici blotch, causal agent Zymoseptoria tritici?

14.45-15.00: Alida TalentoSt James’s Hospital
Multi-triazole-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus: Experience from an Irish tertiary referral centre

15.00-15.30: Tea/Coffee

Session 3 Fungal Infection Case Studies Session (Irish Soc. Of Clinical Microbiology)
Chair: Alida Talento

15.30-16.00: Silke SchelenzImperial College London
Candida auris, an infection control challenge

16.00-16.15: Margaret CreedonSt. Vincent’s Univ. Hospital
Antifungal Prophylaxis in Orthotopic Liver Transplantation: A Re-Audit.

16.15-16.30: Judi LynchSt James’s Hospital
Galactomannan in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid for diagnosis of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis

16.30-16.45: Aia MohamedSt James’s Hospital
A 6 year retrospective review of Candida bloodstream infections at St. James’s Hospital: Are we following the guidelines?

Session 4 Posters

16.45-18.00: Poster Session

19.30: Conference Dinner at the Glenroyal Hotel

Day 2

Session 5 Epidemiology & Genomics of Fungal Pathogens
Chair: Tom Rogers

9.30-10.00: David Denning University of Manchester
Global Epidemiology of fungal disease

10.00-10.15: Jessica Fletcher Trinity College Dublin
Evidence that TLO family expansion enhances fitness in Candida species

10.15-10.30: Charley McCarthy Maynooth University
Analysis of the fungal pangenome

10.30-10.45: Elise Iracane UCD
Role of Hac1 in the unfolded protein response in Candida species

10.45-11.00: Jamie McGowan Maynooth University
Genomics Analysis of the Oomycetes using the Oomycete Gene Order Browser (OGOB)

11.00-11.30: Tea/Coffee

Session 6 Fungal Pathogenesis
Chair: Gary Moran

11.30-12.00: Bernhard Hube Hans Knoell Institute, Jena
Virulence or avirulence? Dual function genes of Candida albicans

12.00-12.15: Anatte Margalit Maynooth University
Characterizing the Response of A549 Cells to Aspergillus fumigatus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa:
A Proteomic Approach

12.15-12:45: Cian Duggan Imperial College London
Co-option of the host endomembrane system by the potato late blight pathogen

12:45-13:00: Gerard Sheehan Maynooth University
Galleria mellonella larvae to study the development of invasive and disseminated aspergillosis in vivo

13.00-13.30: Irish Fungal Society AGM with Packed Lunch

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